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Trailhead Park

Trailhead Park is a fantastic park situated in the Canyon Creek Neighborhood. The park has a picnic shelter and some covered or shaded grounds. But what many guests brought here were the paths or trails which start from this park. There is a sewer line on the creek side, so many of these trails exist. There is a loop trail close to 5 miles. The path will dead end at the barricade; however, as you climb the hills towards Banfield Dr about halfway up, the route continues to the left. 

This will expand the hire about the fence line into the stunning part of the place. Many good cascades, a creek crossing, and the oversized old Oak Tree offer shades. Loop around the tree, and it will lead you back to Banfield Dr. On your way down the hill, a gravel path crosses to the left and turn here, and the route continues along the bluffs of the canyon. Even if the trail is within Austin City Park, they are operated and run by the HOA, so be respectful, take your trash, and always keep your dog an unleash.

How to Get There

You can access trailhead; if you are from Austin, you can go to FM 2222 west to FM 629. From here, turn right and head to Boulder Drive in the Canyon Creek Subdivision. When on Boulder Drive, turn right and search for Trailhead Park; you can find this on the left portion of the highway.

The Hike Overview

The trail at the Trailhead parks resides at the flipside of the park’s pavilion, playscape, basketball court, and volleyball court. No signal shows its existence, so you may miss it if you are just idly looking for an area to hike. Close to the waypoint Trailhead the trail forks almost immediately. And in the right side, a short spur will lead you to an interchange trailhead near a different street. Go to the left for the main path.

The trail starts with a cemented walkway which resides close to the corner of a ridge over the book below to the left. And here, the trail is level and occasionally passes by the back barricades of some of the residences in the place.

The paths change rapidly at the waypoint Pavement Ends. Some benches mark where the path surface changes from smooth pave to a stony slow down to the book. And this is where the thrill and excitement started.

When the paths down to the brook, it turns south and follows the stream downstream, sometimes only some feet away. While stony, the trail is level here and wide enough to drive a keep through if you are inclined. Here, you may see manhole covers along the route. The City of Austin uses the brook bed as a sewer line conduit.

Even if not flanking to backyard fences, one is continuously reminded of the surrounding setting from the shouting kids, barking dogs, pool splashing, and power tools. It is not like walking in a sonic attack in the middle of the city; however, the usual tranquility which can be spotted here is now punctuated and then by instant reminders. It is time to keep going.

The deer Feeder waypoint signs a clearing on the other part of the stream. In past hikes, you will see a deer feeder here, and it only happened upon some feeders browsing the area for some feed corn. Even if no deed can be witnessed on this trip, you will be surprised in the store. Shocked by the presence of the guest is a big bird, its vast wings punching in the air. It is like seeing a 747 take off rather than a jet fighter. It acquired altitude and skimmed over the bridge on the other side of the stream and the top of a rooftop. Visit This URL

The path crosses the stream often; however, the crossings are simple, and other trekkers have placed wood and rocks on simplifying the traversals. You can sit on one of the crossings to watch the improbable dance of mating Damselflies. 

What are the Amenities Offered at Trailhead Park

Trailhead Park is one of the best places to visit in Austin, Texas, as it offers many amenities for the whole family. Some of the notable amenities you can find here are as follows: 

  • This park is ADA Accessible.
  • Grills, BBQ Pits, and Fire rings can also be found at Trailhead Park. 
  • There is a vast and easy-to-access parking space. 
  • Clean and wide pavilion
  • Picnic tables for the whole family 
  • Playgrounds for kids to play Frisbee 
  • Clean and tidy restrooms
  • Trails- Hiking
  • Trails- biking
  • Wildlife Viewing Area

What are the Things To Do

There are many things to do here, such as: 

  • Biking
  • Geocaching
  • Hiking/ walking

Important Information to Consider