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Is it Time for Fence Replacement?

fence replacementYour fence, while durable and long lasting, is exposed to temperature extremes, sunlight, insects, wind, and storms throughout the year. Even with regular maintenance, staining, and repairs, there will come a point at which your fence will need to be replaced. If you are wondering if that time has come, check out our tips to know if a fence replacement is right for you.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Fence

  • Broken or cracking boards: Moisture, high heat, and other environmental conditions can cause cracking boards. Moisture can easily enter the pores of the wood and cause them to swell and eventually crack or break. Once the boards on your fence are cracked, it is important to replace them. If there are several that are cracked, then a new fence is the best option.
  • Rot: Is the wood in your fence rotting? Once moisture enters the wood of your fence and causes rotting, there is no way to save it. The pieces must be replaced. All sealants need to be reapplied in order to protect against moisture and rot, but as wood ages, rot is inevitable.
  • Missing pieces: Is your fence missing connectors, nails, or screws? As the fence ages and parts become damaged or lost, your fence will need extensive repairs or to be replaced
  • Lots of repair issues: While many fences can be repaired to lengthen their lifespan, there will come a point at which the number of repairs and their associated costs will be greater than the benefits of a total fence replacement. Replacing your fence restarts the clock on your fence’s lifespan and can keep you from constantly working to make significant repairs on an aging fence.

If you are considering a fence replacement, contact the experts at Austin Fence and Deck. We will help you pick the perfect fence for your home.