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Tennis Courts at Cat Mountain HOA

Tennis Courts at Cat Mountain HOA

Tennis Courts at Cat Mountain HOA are a perfect destination for serious players, beginners, or someone who wants to stay fit and healthy. Two tennis courts are available with complete amenities and equipment to ensure enjoyable and fun games. 

Cat Mountain can be a huge neighborhood, but playing tennis on top-notch courts can bring them together. These courts promote socialization and help make new friends or strengthen existing relationships. They are also helpful in staying fit and healthy. 

Cat Mountain HOA Overview

Cat Mountain is one of Austin’s most prestigious developments. It was developed between the late 1970s and early 1980s. Many homeowners enjoy the Colorado River’s stunning panoramic views and the famous 360 bridge. Refer to This Page for Details

The location of Cat Mountain enables its members to access plenty of professional and recreational destinations. After a few minutes drive, they can reach downtown Austin and various points of interest, such as movie theaters, restaurants, and shopping centers. 

Tennis Courts at Cat Mountain Homeowners Association provide the community with the necessary service. It also charges $42 per month. These dues enable homeowners to access tennis courts, picnic areas, playgrounds, basketball courts, community pool, and clubhouse, all of which are a few walking distances from most homes. 

Cat Mountain HOA Promotes Health and Fitness 

Cat Mountain HOA provides its members with complete amenities, including tennis courts. Members can reserve the tennis courts for friendly matches or practices. They can also invite friends to play with them, but they should accompany them at all times. 

Interested homeowners can schedule a tennis court reservation through a sign-up sheet available at the clubhouse. There are also rules when using the tennis courts, and members must read and understand them. 

Tennis Courts at Cat Mountain HOA not only keep the members entertained but also promote health and fitness. Members do not need to go to nearby tennis courts just to reap the benefits of the sport. This helps them save time, effort, and money. All they need to do is reserve the tennis court, walk for a few minutes, and play. 

The homeowner association understands the benefits of having tennis courts within the community, including:

Perfect Social Activity 

Playing tennis is one of the easy ways to connect and socialize with other homeowners. This sport can be played as singles or doubles, allowing everyone to play with another person.

Socializing with partners and opponents is one of the most significant benefits of the game. Players can meet people with the same goals and interests as them, which is physiologically rewarding. Young players have a chance to make friends while developing their social skills. 

Relief Stress 

Tennis Courts at Cat Mountain HOA wants its members to be away from any form of stress. And one way to do that is having tennis courts help relieve stress. Click for more

Tennis is an excellent way to combat stress in life. When playing tennis, someone’s mind is forced to focus on the game rather than thinking of endless to-do lists and stresses. It is like a little vacation for their brains. 

Improves Balance, Flexibility, and Agility 

Professional tennis players keep on stretching and reaching so that they can keep the ball in play. This sport allows people to move, stretch their bodies, and change directions constantly. When someone plays the sport regularly, they have a chance to improve their agility, flexibility, and balance. 

Prevent and Fight Diseases 

Tennis is a sport that helps keep the lipid profile in check, which keeps cholesterol low. Regular play can result in fewer chances of developing hypertension, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases.

Lifetime Sport 

Tennis can be played by homeowners of all ages. Whether they are in their teens, 60s, 70s, or even 80s, they can enjoy the sport. Many retirees prefer playing tennis rather than staying at home. It is a sport that someone can play, regardless of age and fitness level. 

What are the Tennis Courts Rules at Cat Mountain HOA?

Here are the tennis court rules:

  • Play at your own risk.
  • No pets in the court area. 
  • No glass containers.
  • No black-soled shoes.
  • Use plastic guards on wire rackets.
  • Deposit all litter in trash containers.
  • Guests must be accompanied by a Cat Mountain HOA member at all times.
  • Keep gates closed at all times. 
  • Please keep the tennis courts clean. 
  • No skates, wagons, bicycles, or rollerblades. 

Meanwhile, here is the time allowance policy:

  • Singles Play – maximum of 1 hour
  • Doubles Play – maximum of 1 to 1.5 hours

Please note that court reservations are limited to three days before the requested date and time. If no one is waiting to play or there are no reservations, an additional 30 minutes are allowed. Sign-up sheets are available at the clubhouse outside the office. 

Important Information About Tennis Courts at Cat Mountain HOA 

  • Address: 5917 Mt Bonnell Rd, Austin, TX 78731 
  • Phone: (512) 451-3884
  • Website: