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Stillhouse Hollow Nature Preserve

Each time you encounter a big city, the surrounding area typically lumps in. This is undoubtedly the case with Austin, Texas; that is why if you are curious about the fun things to do in Austin with friends and loved ones, you may be engaging in activities in the city.

If you live near Austin, you are living in the golden age, as there is almost a gluttonous amount of fun things to do in this place. Austin has been growing as more people have heard about its coolness, meaning more people are beginning to explore the smaller towns on the outskirt.

If you are trying to squeeze every bit of excitement out of Austin, Texas, it’s time you embraced the short-drive lifestyle and got a load of these grand excursions: Stillhouse Hollow Nature Preserve.

Stillhouse Hollow Nature Preserve Short Overview

This is one of the best preserves in Texas. The Stillhouse Hollow Nature Preserve paved trail winds in a magical scenery of moss-covered junipers. Guests are asked to remain on the trail because the area is a place for endangered birds and plants. The long trail ends approximately a quarter mile at a staged and vivid overlook into a deep valley with a spring below. Grab your blanket and seat on the overlook’s structure made of wood, and listen to the birds and waterfalls. If lucky, you may see deer, elusive black-capped vireo, or golden-cheeked warblers.

What are the Amenities at Stillhouse Hollow Nature Preserve?

Trails- Hiking: If you are active or live exciting outdoor activities like hiking or trekking, this preserve is for you. This will give you a fantastic hiking experience.

Wildlife Viewing Area: Here, you are able to spot some of the rare plants and birds in Texas. There are also deer, elusive black-capped vireo, golden-cheeked warblers, and famous waterfalls.

Stillhouse Hollow Trail

This is a 1.1-kilometer out-and-back trail. Stillhouse Hollow Trail is regarded as an easy track, and it takes an average of fifteen minutes to finish or complete. The path is ideal for walking and running, and you will unlikely come across many other guests while exploring. You can visit the trail anytime you want, which is stunning. You must leave your canine home as dogs are prohibited on the course. Refer to This Page for Details

The trail starts at the Trailhead, located adjacent to the locked gate that prevents guests from parking in the half-dozen areas made for the preserve. The path follows the paved trail to the left, and the track’s length is paved, making for a leisurely walk for trekkers of all ages and abilities. A dense canopy of Cedar generally covers the trail.

Stillhouse Hollow Trail has deep stands of Juniper Mountain that give enough shade from the sun. 

Some portions of the trail are almost dim compared to the frown you may come across in the open space of the path close to the parking areas. As a whole, the path gently slopes down on the way out as it approaches the corner of a sheer creek valley.


There is no designated accessible area in the covered or smooth street parking off Sterling Drive at the south corner of the path. There appear to be only designated parking areas within 1.0 miles of the trailhead. The path surface is covered asphalt with cracks and bumps or a wooden walkway with railings. The gate to the path is gravel, and it is usually at least five feet wide. The mainstream of the path is mostly the gentle grade category, while the steepest part is at approximately 0.3 miles. Visiting using mobility equipment like wheelchairs or strollers might need help in the vertical part for safety. The benches are scatted along the trail for resting. Next blog post

This unique observation deck is at the end of the path on the corner of a sheer drop into the canyon. Austin, Texas, features another nearby component to the Balcones Canuonland System. That land is a couple of blocks to the west part of this path. 

There are no connecting paths in Barrow Preserve to the Stillhouse Hollow Trail.

How to Get There

From downtown, the city, go north on MoPaca and head to the Spicewood Springs or Anderson Lane exit. Then turn left and go west on Spicewood Springs to Mesa Drive. Go south to Burney Drive and then turn right. Go west and park along the road close to the junction with Rustling Road. The entrance of the Stillhouse Nature Preserve is located on the north part of Burney Drive.

Stillhouse Hollow Nature Preserve is considered one of the many preserves in the City of Austin; some are easy to get to and with paths, and some are open to people on a limited basis. You can find Stillhouse Hollow at 7810 Sterling Drive off Burney near Mesa Drive.

Important Information to Remember