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Red Bud Isle

Do you want a fun outdoor activity away from the city? Are you interested in kayaking? Then, Red Bud Isle is a go-to destination for you.

Red Bud Isle is a three-mile lakefront park. It is an exciting recreational space for hiking, kayaking, paddling, or canoeing. The scenery features wildlife, greenery, and limestone bluff. This famous leash-off dog park is just below the Lake Austin dam and lies on Lady Bird Lake.

Kayakers and canoers usually take advantage of the beautiful shores. There is also nearby parking. It is also an ideal destination for those who want an island getaway with their dogs. It is open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, so people can do plenty of activities and have time to explore the site. Additional info

Parking at Red Bud Isle 

Red Bud Isle features a small parking lot that is limited to 40 vehicles. But visitors can try the nearest alternate parking on Lake Austin Boulevard, about a half mile to the west. Walking to this park from there is not advisable because of the narrow, busy, winding road along the way. 

Things to Do in Red Bud Isle 

Visiting Red Bud Isle allows tourists to try and enjoy different outdoor activities, such as:

Let the Dogs Play 

The designated play area for dogs close to the parking lot is an excellent place to hang out and allow your furry friends to roam and play. The island’s outer edge features trail loops that are wide enough to become a play area.

Although the trail is only 0.5 miles long, expect many meandering if dogs are allowed to run free. Also, while the center part of the island is made of dense brush, smaller trails are there to crisscross it. 

Dogs can explore three distinct areas: the water, the slightly elevated center part, and the main trail. The trail can quickly get muddy, even during hot summer days, because the dogs happily get in and out of the water. 

Go Kayaking and Canoeing 

Visitors who do not bring dogs or their dogs do not mind riding boats can try canoeing or kayaking. There is a small ramp used for launching canoes and kayaks. 

As tourists approach the Tom Miller Dam, the water flows faster, and the kayak or canoe follows unpredictable patterns. Unexperienced kayakers should avoid this area. But the rest of Lady Bird Lake has still water or slow-moving water. 

Explore the Island 

The tip of the island is covered with twisted-looking roots. While these exposed roots are challenging for dogs and humans to walk on, they offer excellent scenery to take photos of. From there, visitors can also look up and see the mansions of famous and rich in Austin lining the cliffs just above the lake. 

Things to Do Near the Red Bud Isle 

People who want to explore other parts of Austin can try some activities near Red Bud Isle:

Go Hiking 

After a few miles north of the park, tourists can reach the Bright Leaf Preserve. While dogs are not allowed, they can join the guided hikes at this 200-acre preserve. This attraction within the city displays the geology, fauna, and flora of Austin. 

Hang by the Lake Austin

The Walsh Boat Landing is so close to Red Bud Isle. It features a boat ramp surrounded by greenery, and visitors can enjoy Lake Austin’s scenic views. There is ample space for visitors and their dogs to stretch their legs. Besides watching the boats coming and going to the lake, they can enjoy a picnic lunch. More

Play Golf 

The Lions Municipal Golf Course is situated a few miles away from the park via Lake Austin Boulevard access. This golf facility is owned by the city of Austin, offering a no-frills and budget-friendly course. 

Hit the Water 

The Rowing Dock rents out kayaks for tourists without their own. This site is near the MOPAC highway, southwest of Red Bud Isle. They can also rent paddleboards and canoes at the dock. They can join guided trips to see the fireworks on July 4th and bats on Lady Bird Lake. Yoga classes are also available on stand-up paddleboards.

Take the Dogs Elsewhere 

Emma Long Metropolitan Park is only a few miles to the northwest. This dog-friendly park is where the Turkey Creek Trail is located. It offers open meadows and dense forests.

Explore a Nearby Park 

If visitors head a few miles to the northwest, they can reach Mayfield Park. This park features peacocks, restored historic buildings, gardens, and nature trails. The peacocks are the original owners’ descendants of the birds gifted in 1935. 

Try Different Food Destinations 

There are plenty of eateries tourists can eat near Red Bud Isle, such as:

  • Ski Shores Café 
  • Hula Hut 
  • Abel’s on the Lake 
  • Mozarts Coffee Roasters 

Important Information About Red Bud Isle 

  • Address: 3401 Redbud Trail, Austin, TX 78746
  • Phone: +1 512-974-6700
  • Website:
  • Business Hours: Monday to Friday – 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM