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Q2 Stadium

Q2 Stadium is the home of Austin FC. This 20,500-acre state-of-the-art soccer-specific venue features a natural grass surface for playing. It also has a canopy structure that offers the necessary coverage and shade for all seats.

This stadium is designed to deliver an intimate viewing experience with an unrivaled event atmosphere. Almost 30 percent of the seats come with breathable mesh seating tech. Not only that, but this stadium also consists of cutting-edge lighting capabilities. It is the world’s first stadium to install a 100 percent lighting system featuring tunable RGB LED lights.

Besides soccer, Q2 Stadium also hosts different spectator and community events, such as:

  • Amateur and professional sporting events 
  • Concerts 
  • Private events and functions 
  • Community activities 

Here are the available areas for rentals:

  • North Building Conferences Rooms & Lounges 
  • PointsBet Sports Bar 
  • Q2 Field Club 
  • Captain Morgan Club 
  • Lexus Club 
  • The Porch 

How to Get to Q2 Stadium 

Visitors who prefer driving can consider the following driving directions:

From Loop 1 (North Traveling South)

First, they have to exit FM 1325 South/Burnet Road/Duval Road from Loop 1. Next, turn left onto Duval Rd and keep driving to merge onto Burnet Rd. They will find the stadium at Braker Lane and Burnet Rd’s southeast corner. Refer to This Page for Details

From Loop 1 (South Traveling North)

The journey starts at Loop 1. They have to exit US 183/Research Blvd South. Keep driving on the right to exit FM 1325/Burnet Road. Next, they need to turn left onto FM 1325/Burnet Rd. Continue driving, and they will find the stadium at Braker Lane and Burnet Rd’s southeast corner.

Fan-Friendly and Inclusive Stadium 

As an inclusive and fan-friendly sports venue, Q2 Stadium considered the accessibility needs throughout the construction process. It features ramps around the exterior, assisting in the transition to an elevated position. 

Fans can use the elevators located on the stadium’s North and South sides. The main concourse is in a 360° position to allow easy mobility. Below are other accessibility features:

  • Drop areas from Metros Access near the stadium 
  • A sensory room near the stadium’s First Aid and Guest services 
  • Assisted listening devices at the Guest Services booth
  • Closed captioning services

The stadium offers wheelchair escort services during events. Please note that wheelchairs are not reserved in advance as they are available on a first-come, first-served basis. When viewers enter the stadium, they can look for the wheelchair escort. They can also ask the guest services teammate. 

Stadium Dining and Vendors 

Fans can choose from different local vendors serving food from some of the top restaurants in Austin. So, they do not need to leave the stadium and feed their cravings. 

Here are some of the fans’ favorite vendors:

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  • Casa Chapala – slow-roasted brisket, melted cheese, dried chilies, salsa in a tasty tortilla 
  • Easy Tiger – colossal soft pretzel partnered beer cheese dip 
  • T-Loc’s Sonoran – delicious hot dogs (beef frank wrapped in bacon with mayo, jalapeno sauce, onion, tomato, and beans)
  • Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ – smoked beef torta with pico de gallo, fire-roasted gangster salsa, and tomatillo avocado crema
  • Michelob Ultra Bar – smooth whiskey and specialty cocktails 

Camera Policies 

While taking photos of players in action is an incredible thing to do when visiting Q2 Stadium, visitors still need to comply with camera policies. 

Videos and photos taken at Q2 Stadium events must be used for commercial purposes unless the Austin FC approves a written request. Visitors should also take note of the following;

  • Cameras with removable or professional lenses are prohibited 
  • Selfie sticks are not allowed 
  • Monopods or tripods are not allowed 
  • Camera cases are prohibited

Q2 Stadium Clubs

This stadium has three premium clubs. But ticketed fans with proper access are only allowed within the following club spaces:

Q2 Field Club 

This club is found at the Event Level’s mid-field, with access through the VIP lobby on the stadium’s Southwest side. It stays open for about an hour for ticket holders (Q2 Field Club)at each Austin FC match conclusion.

Lexus Club 

This Q2 Stadium club is situated in the Main Concourse’s West corner with entry points behind Sections 109 and 118. It remains open for about 30 minutes for ticket holders (Lexus Club) after each Austin FC match conclusion.

Captain Morgan Club 

This club is found on the Main Concourse’s East corner with an entry behind Section 132. It remains open to all ticket holders according to capacity at each Austin FC match conclusion. 

Weather Conditions 

All events and soccer matches at the stadium are rain or shine. If the case of inclement weather, it is recommended to check out the stadium’s different social media channels to get the latest information. The stadium notifies all attendees in the event that the weather requires them to take steps. This helps minimize risks and ensures everyone will have a great time watching. 

Important Information About Q2 Stadium

  • Address: 10414 Mc Kalla Pl, Austin, TX 78758