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Many people want to rent a pool for a few days or even a day. However, the options are limited.

Fortunately, Poolshare offers locals and tourists a chance to find a private pool for rent. This Airbnb for pools is located at Park Hollow Lane, Austin, Texas. 

Find Your Dream Pool Rental at Poolshare 

Poolshare is a trusted Airbnb for pools in Austin, Texas, allowing people to rent a pool for a few hours or a day. It has the largest selection of pools for rent. This means there is no way not to find your desired pool. 

Anyone can rent a pool for parties or family swimming. This Airbnb for pools also allows guests to rent a pool for a hot tub, photoshoot, and more. Next blog post

People can rent local pools for a few hours, organize catering, and invite their friends – whatever their hearts desire. Poolshare gives them a chance to experience their dream pool party in a safe, easy, and affordable way. 

How to Rent a Pool through Poolshare 

Renting a pool through Poolshare is a simple process. All you need to do is follow the easy steps below:

  • Download the Poolshare rental app.
  • Search for a nearby pool for rent.
  • Book the desired pool.
  • Pay online.
  • Invite family and friends to enjoy a private pool event! 

With Poolshare, people do not need to rent an entire expensive house just to enjoy a pool. Instead, they can rent local pools at private homes. Plus, most of the pools for rent cost between $30 and $30 hourly. 

List Your Private Pool for Rental 

Do you have a private pool in Austin but rarely visit the location? Are you wondering how to have extra income from your private pool? If yes, Poolshare is the answer.

Poolshare lets you list your private pool in less than 5 minutes. You can earn up to $3,000 per year. Above, you have control over the calendar and can set your own rules. Instead of leaving your pool unused, why not list it in Poolshare for rental? 

Why Rent a Pool from Poolshare

Different people have different reasons to rent a pool. But Poolshare can accommodate everyone’s unique needs. 

The process of renting a private pool through Poolshare is straightforward. You can book your desired pool in less than a minute. Above all, you can host a pool party for your friends and family in Austin, Texas, at an affordable price. Check this out

Private Events 

Are you organizing a private event? Then, you can rent a nearby pool to host an event. Poolshare lets you rent a pool for any private event with family and friends. Above all, you do not have to overstretch your pockets. 

Pool Parties 

As summertime gets closer, a lot of people go to beaches or resorts. However, renting a private pool is the solution if you want to avoid the crowd or enjoy a pool party with your close friends or family members. You can host a custom event, family reunion, or birthday party in a private setting. 

Poolshare offers a comprehensive list of pools you can rent for a private pool party. Also, you can enjoy the party with catering. Surely, your guests of all ages will have fun throughout the event. 

Family Swim

When was the last time you and your family had a swim? If it was already a long time ago, Poolshare lets you enjoy a family swim at an affordable cost. 

You can rent a private pool to relax and enjoy the water with your family for a few hours. It is a perfect chance to have quality time together. It’s time to have a family pool time and have fun under the sun. 

Hot Tub Nights 

Do you want to treat your mom to a hut tub night? Our moms need to relax from time to time. And we can pamper them by renting heated hot tubs. 

Poolshare will help you organize hut tub nights for your mom. You can rent a heated hot tub for a night out and other nighttime events. 

Swimming Lessons 

People who want to learn how to swim can also take advantage of private pool rentals. Parents can rent a pool for their kids, where they can learn how to swim without the crowd. This allows them to focus on learning the necessary swimming skills.

Poolshare lets you find a pool where you can have an individual or group swimming lesson. 


If you are still looking for a perfect location for a photoshoot, a private pool rental can solve your problem. You can rent an outdoor pool for photoshoots. You can also incorporate some cool ideas to match the pool with your theme. 

Whether you will have family portraits or individual photoshoots, booking a private pool lets you find the perfect venue. 

Important Information About Poolshare 

  • Address: 5407 Park Hollow Ln, Austin, TX 78746
  • Website: