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Austin Fence & Deck – Repair & Replacement 1505 W 6th St Austin, TX 78703 +1(512) 693-8158 Fence & Deck is an outdoor home improvement company based in Austin. We have been steadily growing as a reliable business specializing in custom fencing, deck, patio, gazebo, and other outdoor home improvement projects. We make quality constructions that fit your budget and your exact needs. We work with experts to get you quality materials and provide holistic services starting with a free consultation and cost estimates for proper installation, maintenance, and renovations.

A fast-growing neighborhood like Northwest Hills has a multitude of different populace consisting of families, students, and more who would have varied priorities, preferences, and budgets when it comes to home improvement projects. There is one expert fencer who can satisfy all such varied needs with extreme finesse, and that is the Austin Fence & Deck.

Our fencing experts can work with you to make the right choice regarding the materials, design, installation, and maintenance of all of your outdoor home projects and make sure all your concerns are met. Get the best backyard to enjoy the scenic views of Northwest Hills by choosing Austin Fence & Deck.

We will make sure to enhance the beauty of your rugged green spaces and help you feel safe within your homes with the best quality fence installations.  Get the project completed well in time at the best rates. Do you have a landscaping concept you admire the most? Discuss with us!

Do call us for the free consultation, and let us get started on making your backyard experience more enjoyable.