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Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve

Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve is always a fantastic destination for those who want to see nature’s scenic views and wildlife. It is where humans, wildlife, and nature can be together without boundaries. 

This 21-acre ground offers a wildlife habitat and walking trail. The free-roaming peacocks are among the highlights of it. It is open from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM. This means everyone has plenty of time to explore the site and do fun things together. This attraction is famous among hikers, joggers, athletes, adventurers, and nature lovers. 

A Quick Overview 

Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve offer a different experience to every visitor; it is not your ordinary tranquil oasis. Lush gardens, towering palm trees, and roaming peacocks welcome visitors. There are also ponds filled with koi fish and lilies. 

This 23-acre park also features a beautiful historic cottage available for event rentals, including birthdays, weddings, family gatherings, etc. Besides the picturesque gardens, the 21 acres of land are dedicated to wildlife and hiking trails. The access points of the trails are near the cottage. 

A Brief History 

Alisson Mayfield originally purchased Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve in 1909 as a summer home for his family. But over the years, this home place has welcomed plenty of visitors. After Allison’s passing, Mary Mayfield Gutsch (his daughter) took over it. See This Helpful Information

Together with this husband, Mary expanded the picturesque cottage, installed water features, constructed a stone wall, and designed quaint gardens. After her passing, the property was gifted to the city in 1971. Then, it was designated as Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve. 

The historic cottage of the Mayfield family is still found on the grounds alongside the koi ponds, stone walls, and beautiful gardens. It is even part of the National Register of Historic Places list.

How to Get to Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve 

Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve are located next to the Laguna Gloria Museum. To get there, tourists should take the 35th St. exit off of MOPAC Highway and head west. After they pass Balcones Dr., they have to turn left at a Y in the road. Next, take Old Bull Creek Road; the entrance is on the left after the Y. 

Things to Do in Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve 

Enjoy the tranquil and natural beauty of Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve by exploring the 23 acres of beautiful and colorful vegetated gardens. The 21 acres of scenic and well-maintained walking and hiking trails allow visitors to immerse themselves in entertaining and delightful wildlife. 

Visitors who love birdwatching should not leave their binoculars at home. They can spot plenty of birds flying by the trails. They should not forget about the historic cottage and enjoy the views of the riverbank. Green and blue herons dot the palm trees. These trees also provide shade during the summertime. The ponds are very entertaining as they contain huge koi fish, turtles, lotus flowers, and water lilies. 

Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve is home to approximately two dozen colorful, free-roaming peacocks. Visitors will enjoy listening to their echoing calls and seeing them wander the grounds. The peacocks usually show off their colorful and attractive feathers during spring. 

Parking for Mayfield Park is located off W 35th Street. The portable restrooms are available, and the parking is free of charge.  Click for more

Walking paths are twisted through collage gardens that are filled with heritage plants. Volunteer gardeners maintain these plants. The Mayfield Park’s Community Project helps gardeners choose heritage plants. The 32 volunteer beds are planted with randomly mixed flowers, offering year-round fragrance, texture, and color.

The bright colors and sweet aromas of the flora in the gardens, alongside the cool shade and soft breeze provided by the multitude of trees, attract more volunteers and visitors. 

Even if Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve are not as huge as other parks and hiking destinations in Austin, it still offers an interesting set of trails. Visitors can try two loops to explore almost all of the trails. One loop is highlighted by an excursion on a trail along the rock ridge on the park’s western boundary. The second loop’s highlight is the inlet, bringing Lake Austin to the park’s shores. 

Since Mayfield is not only a park but also a nature preserve, visitors should leave the wildlife alone, including the birds and peacocks. But they can observe them while enjoying their habitat. Both the gardens and ponds offer a relaxing site to rest after wandering around or hiking. 

Whether you plan to explore Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve alone or with your families and friends, it is a beautiful site you should not miss during your Austin trip. 

Important Information About Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve 

  • Address: 3505 W 35th St, Austin, TX 78703 
  • Phone: +1 512-974-6700
  • Website:

Park Hours: Monday to Sunday – 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM