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Marshall Ford Marina

Marshall Ford Marina

Marshall Ford Marina, located at 12816 Park Dr, Austin, TX 78732, is a premier destination for boating enthusiasts in the Austin area. With a wide range of top-quality boats available for rental, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Travis and take advantage of the many recreational opportunities it offers. The marina also offers a variety of services, including boat storage, boat repair, and fueling services. The experienced and friendly staff at Marshall Ford Marina is committed to providing exceptional customer service and helping visitors make the most of their time on the water. For anyone looking to enjoy a day of boating in Austin, Marshall Ford Marina is the perfect place to start.

History of Marshall Ford Marina

Marshall Ford Marina has a long history that dates back to the early 1900s and is located at 12816 Park Dr, Austin, Texas 78732. The 1938 construction of the dam, originally known as the “Marshall Ford Dam,” led to the creation of Lake Travis, a well-liked vacation spot for boaters and water sports lovers. Before Brian Morgan became the marina’s current owner in 2016, there were various ownership transfers over the years. The marina has undergone extensive repairs and restorations under Morgan’s direction, including the construction of a gas dock, new wet slips, and a new eatery, The Gnarly Gar. A premier boating destination on Lake Travis today, Marshall Ford Marina provides a variety of services and amenities for boaters of all skill levels. Refer To This Article

Location and Accessibility

Marshall Ford Marina is located at 12816 Park Dr, Austin, TX 78732. The marina is easily accessible by car, bike, and public transportation. The marina is located near Ranch to Market Road 620 and Anderson Mill Road. There is ample parking available at the marina, and bike racks are provided for those who choose to cycle to the marina. The marina is also accessible by public transportation, with the 983 bus stopping nearby.

Features and Amenities

Marshall Ford Marina offers several features and amenities for boaters and visitors to enjoy. These include:

  • Boat Rentals: The marina offers a range of boat rentals, including pontoon boats, ski boats, and jet skis. Boats are available for half-day, full-day, or multi-day rentals.
  • Fuel Station: The marina has a fuel station that provides boaters with access to gasoline and diesel fuel.
  • Boat Slip Rentals: Marshall Ford Marina offers boat slip rentals for boaters who need a place to park their boats. The marina has a range of slip sizes to accommodate boats of all sizes.
  • Launch Ramp: The marina has a launch ramp that provides boaters with access to Lake Travis. The ramp is available for use by boaters who have their own boats or who have rented boats from the marina.
  • Store and Gift Shop: The marina has a store and gift shop that sells boating supplies, snacks, drinks, and souvenirs.
Marshall Ford Marina
  • Picnic Area: Marshall Ford Marina has a picnic area that is available for use by boaters and visitors. The area is equipped with picnic tables, grills, and a playground for children. Additional Information

Services They Offer

Marshall Ford Marina offers a range of services for boaters and visitors. These include:

  • Boat Repair and Maintenance: The marina has a full-service boat repair and maintenance facility that can handle a range of repairs and maintenance tasks.
  • Boat Storage: Marshall Ford Marina offers boat storage services for boaters who need a place to store their boats when not in use.
  • Guided Tours: The marina offers guided tours of Lake Travis for visitors who want to learn more about the lake and its history.
  • Fishing Supplies: The marina sells a range of fishing supplies, including bait, tackle, and fishing licenses.
  • Event Space: Marshall Ford Marina has event space available for rent for private events, such as weddings, parties, and corporate events.

Boating on Lake Travis

Lake Travis is a popular destination for boating enthusiasts, and Marshall Ford Marina provides boaters with easy access to the lake. Boating on Lake Travis is a great way to enjoy the scenic beauty of the area and engage in a range of water sports and activities. Some of the popular activities that can be enjoyed on Lake Travis include:

  • Fishing: Lake Travis is home to a range of fish species, including bass, catfish, and sunfish. Fishing on the lake is a popular pastime for many visitors.
  • Water Skiing and Wakeboarding: Lake Travis provides ideal conditions for water skiing and wakeboarding. The lake has relatively calm waters and is surrounded by beautiful scenery.
  • Kayaking and Canoeing: Visitors can rent kayaks and canoes from Marshall Ford Marina and explore the lake at their own pace.
  • Swimming: Visitors can enjoy swimming in the designated swimming areas of the lake, which provide a refreshing way to cool off on hot days. It’s important to note that there are no lifeguards on duty at the lake, so visitors should swim at their own risk and ensure that they are comfortable and competent swimmers.

Essential Information About Marshall Ford Marina

Location: 12816 Park Dr, Austin, TX 78732, United States

Phone: +15122661559


Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday – 9 AM to 5:30 PM