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Mabel Davis District Park

Mabel Davis District Park

Mabel Davis District Park is an expansive outdoor recreation area in the heart of Austin, Texas. This park has been a beloved community gathering place since it opened in 1979. It offers a wide range of activities for visitors of all ages.

The park spans over 80 acres and features numerous amenities, including multiple sports fields, swimming pools, a skatepark, and playgrounds. It also boasts a large picnic area with barbecue pits and tables, making it the perfect spot for a family outing or hosting a group event.

With its beautiful green spaces and endless opportunities for fun and relaxation, Mabel Davis District Park is truly one of Austin’s gems.

 Location And Hours Of Operation

Mabel Davis District Park is a popular recreational area in South Austin, Texas. The park covers over 50 acres of land and offers a variety of amenities for visitors to enjoy. Try this site

Whether you want to play sports, picnic with your family, or relax in nature, Mabel Davis District Park has something for everyone. The park is open daily from 5:00 AM until 10:00 PM, providing ample time for people to come and enjoy the facilities at their convenience.

Some park amenities include basketball courts, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a skate park, and playgrounds. In addition to these activities, visitors can take advantage of the park’s walking trails and open green spaces. Find out how

For those interested in exploring nearby attractions, Mabel Davis District Park is conveniently located near several popular destinations, including Zilker Park and Lady Bird Lake.

Sports Fields And Facilities

Mabel Davis District Park offers a variety of sports fields and facilities for both team sports and individual activities. The park features several baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and basketball courts suitable for gameplay or casual use.

Additionally, a volleyball court and disc golf course are available for those looking to participate in alternative sports.

The park provides ample space for team sports enthusiasts to engage in games with friends or organized teams. Whether it’s a pick-up basketball game or a competitive match on the soccer field, Mabel Davis District Park has something for everyone.

Those interested in individual activities can also find plenty to do at the park, whether playing a round of disc golf or practicing their serve on the volleyball court.

If you’re seeking outdoor recreational opportunities in Austin, don’t overlook Mabel Davis District Park. With its diverse range of sports fields and facilities, from baseball diamonds to disc golf courses, there’s no shortage of activities to enjoy here.

So grab your gear and head to the park for fun in the sun!

Swimming Pool And Splash Pad

Mabel Davis District Park

Moving on from the sports fields and facilities, Mabel Davis District Park offers a refreshing way to beat the Texas heat with its swimming pool and splash pad.

The park’s aquatic amenities provide an excellent opportunity for families to enjoy some water fun while staying safe through proper water safety practices.

The swimming pool is well-maintained and features lifeguards on duty during operational hours. In addition, the park provides swimming lessons for children and adults of all skill levels.

For those who prefer a more relaxed time in the water, the splash pad offers various water features perfect for cooling off on hot summer days.

With these options, Mabel Davis District Park is ideal for family fun in Austin.

Skatepark And Bike Trails

Mabel Davis District Park is a vibrant community park in South Austin’s heart. The park is famous for its amenities, such as basketball and volleyball courts, swimming pool, playgrounds, and picnic areas.

However, one of the most exciting features of the park is its skatepark and bike trails. The Mabel Davis Skatepark is a popular destination for skateboarders and BMX riders. It has several ramps, rails, ledges, and stairs, providing a challenging experience for riders of all levels. The park management regularly conducts skatepark maintenance to ensure it remains safe. The skatepark also hosts several yearly competitions that attract riders from all over Austin.

In addition to the skatepark, Mabel Davis District Park has several miles of bike trails that offer a fun and scenic ride through the park’s natural beauty. Plans to expand the bike trail are underway to provide more opportunities for bikers to enjoy their ride.

In conclusion, Mabel Davis District Park offers an excellent opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to engage in recreational activities such as skating and biking. With its well-maintained facilities and exciting features, it remains one of Austin’s favorite parks. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience or want to enjoy nature’s beauty on two wheels, Mabel Davis District Park has something to offer everyone.

Playground Areas For Kids

Regarding playground areas for kids, Mabel Davis District Park has plenty to offer. The park boasts numerous play structures to encourage creative play and exploration among children of all ages.

From climbing walls and slides to swings and monkey bars, there’s something for everyone at this family-friendly destination.

Of course, safety is always a top priority for kids’ play areas, which is why Mabel Davis District Park has implemented several safety features throughout the playground.

Soft ground coverings help to cushion falls and reduce the risk of injury. At the same time, sturdy railings and guardrails ensure that little ones stay safe while they’re playing.

With these measures, parents can relax and enjoy watching their children have fun in a safe and secure environment.

 Picnic And BBQ Areas

Mabel Davis District Park features several picnics and BBQ areas that provide excellent opportunities for visitors to enjoy the outdoors while sharing delicious food with family and friends. These areas have outdoor seating, perfect spots for a relaxing afternoon picnic or an evening barbecue.

Whether you’re looking to host a small gathering or a larger get-together, Mabel Davis District Park has you covered. The park’s picnic and BBQ areas also come with grilling amenities, ensuring visitors can perfectly cook their meals. Several options are available for those who love to grill outdoors, from charcoal grills to fire rings.

Additionally, plenty of trash receptacles are nearby to make cleanup easy and hassle-free. So whether you’re planning a family reunion, a birthday party, or just a fun day out with friends, Mabel Davis District Park’s picnic and BBQ areas are the perfect place to relax and enjoy quality time in nature.

Special Events And Programs

After enjoying a lovely picnic or BBQ at Mabel Davis District Park, visitors can participate in the park’s special events and programs.

One popular event during the summer months is outdoor movie nights. Families and friends can bring blankets and chairs to enjoy a movie under the stars. The park provides free admission, popcorn, and drinks for all attendees.

In addition to movie nights, Mabel Davis District Park offers fitness classes for those looking to stay active while enjoying the outdoors. From yoga to Zumba, there is something for everyone. These classes are led by experienced instructors who provide modifications for all skill levels.

Best of all, these classes are free of charge and open to all ages.


Overall, Mabel Davis District Park is a fantastic destination for locals and tourists. With its range of sports fields and facilities, including soccer fields, tennis courts, and basketball courts, it’s easy to get active and enjoy the great outdoors.

The swimming pool and splash pad are perfect for hot summer days. At the same time, the skatepark and bike trails provide a thrilling experience for adrenaline junkies.

For families with young children, the playground areas are a must-visit, offering plenty of opportunities for kids to climb, slide, and play.

And when hunger strikes, visitors can take advantage of the picnic and BBQ areas to enjoy a relaxing meal amid nature.

With special events and programs happening throughout the year, there’s always something new to discover at Mabel Davis District Park.

Whether you’re looking for a fun day out or a place to stay active with friends and family, this park is worth checking out!

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