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Austin Fence & Deck – Repair & Replacement 1505 W 6th St Austin, TX 78703 +1(512) 693-8158 you consider repairing your deck or your fence for your residential property in Hancock? Do you want to install a new fence or patio for your commercial property in the area? If so, you should consider Austin Fence and Deck for your projects.

Austin Fence and Deck have been proudly serving Hancock for numerous years and is currently considered one of Texas’s best companies for fence and deck projects.

Our Services

Austin Fence and Deck is your most sought after contractor for the renovation, repair, and installation projects of fences and decks for residential and commercial properties. Our unparalleled prices, coupled with high-quality services, have made us one of the leading experts in fences and decks in Hancock.

With numerous years of experience, we have the skills-set and the knowledge required for a seamless and stress-free renovation or installation of your deck or fence. We understand that any renovation or new installation project can be a stressful experience. Still, if you trust your project in our expert hands, the project will be completed hassle-free in no time.

We are fully committed to offering the highest quality services, and we, therefore, use only the highest quality materials. We aim to deliver durable decks and fences that will last a lifetime and remain in pristine condition with minimal care.

Why Choose Us

For a seamless renovation or installation project for your deck and fence, for your Hancock residential or commercial property, you should choose Austin Fence and Deck. We offer the highest quality services at the best available prices.