Austin Fence and Deck

Austin Fence

Austin fencing can be a big investment, and it’s something you expect to match your existing Austin decking, as well as last for a good long time. Fencing can be a challenge to install, due to the hard, shallow clay soil. All of our Austin fence jobs are done with the posts set in concrete, a minimum of 24 inches for a durable, lasting installation.

Wood Fence Austin

You have a few options as far as posts:

  • Cedar posts are relatively inexpensive, but durable and can last 10-12 years. Cedar does not warp, twist or crack over time. Cedar looks good, of course, with cedar pickets and runners.
  • Treated pine posts (also known as Wolmanized lumber) are pressure-treated with chemicals that penetrate deeply into the wood. Pressure treating gives pine a great deal of structural strength, and is guaranteed by the manufacturer against rot, insects and decay. The disadvantage to treated pine posts, however, is that they can warp or twist sometimes. At Austin Fence and Deck, we order #1 quality posts from the mill, so you can be sure of a higher quality post for your fence job. Some contractors will hand-pick treated posts from the local big-box store, but that doesn’t always guarantee great quality.
  • Landscape timbers are another option for posts – they are contoured at the edges rather than square like most 4 x 4 posts. There are two types of landscape timbers; some are treated while still green (allowing little preservative to make its way into the wood). Others are kiln-dried before treatment, making for a stronger, more rot-resistant post.
  • Galvanized steel posts are also available for your Austin fence job. Obviously, galvanized steel is impervious to rot or insects, and steel posts will never twist, crack or warp. Our galvanized steel posts come with a cap on the top to prevent water from running into the post and rusting it from the inside out.

You also have various options for pickets. For vertical pickets, many prefer “dog-eared” pickets, which can conform much more easily to ground that isn’t exactly level. Other styles of pickets include flat-topped pickets, which can only be used for stretches of fence that are absolutely level. We can scallop the top of a run of fence or do other contours, according to your tastes; we can also do horizontal runs of fencing or a basket-weave pattern for horizontal fencing and even build you a matching gate. Get in contact with us for a fencing estimate in Austin.

Again, with runners and pickets, you have the choice of redwood, cedar or treated pine, according to your needs and your price tag. Some prefer spruce pickets, which are a lighter color when installed but will age to the same color (roughly) as cedar. A new option is “Rightwood,” a pre-finished product that’s harvested from renewable forests in the Northwest.

We can also install any style of gate you’d like, with hardware that suits your esthetic sense and your style. The choice is yours – talk to us about how you’d like your fence to shape up, and we can take it from there! Contact us and learn about the finest Austin fence company TODAY!