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How Does Decking Add Value to Your Home

How Does Decking Add Value to Your Home

Most home renovation projects are daunting, such as when you remodel the kitchen or add a new bathroom. However, the most appealing renovation is adding a new deck or improving your aging deck. This will help you get the perfect setting for evening relaxation, parties, or an afternoon barbecue.

However, you may not realize that building a new deck might boost the home’s resale value, as well. There are a few caveats to this, but it’s important to learn how composite or wood decking might increase your property value. Let’s dive in!

Increasing Your Home Value with a Wood or Composite Deck

brown wooden attached deck

Adding a deck to the home does cost money. Typically, the average wood deck cost is $10,000. Alternatively, a composite deck costs about $17,000. However, you shouldn’t think of this home improvement project as money down the drain. You could add more value to your home when you sell, giving you the chance to relax outside and enjoy the possibilities now!

Wood Deck Improvements Recouping 100 Percent of Cost

Home improvement projects often recoup about 50 to 80 percent of the total cost. However, many studies show that the return on investment for decks and patios can exceed 100 percent, depending on the materials used and size.

The National Association of Realtors put out a Remodeling Impact Report in 2018. It indicates that patios often recover 102 percent of the building costs (average). In the 2016 version of the report, recoup rates were about 106 percent!

Likewise, Remodeling Magazine created a 2007 report that showed adding a wooden deck is a cost-effective home improvement project for mid-range houses.

More Factors to Consider

person lining wooden planks

How can a new wood deck add value to your home? Ultimately, the home resale value is based on where you live. Potential buyers are often willing to spend more on houses with a deck if the geographical area experiences deck-friendly weather that’s warm and comfortable.

Certain studies indicate that completing your new deck might only recoup a fraction of the cost. Many homeowners try the DIY route to eliminate labor costs from the budget to earn more on their investment when they sell.

However, adding a deck isn’t as easy as you think. Therefore, it’s wise to consider hiring a professional who knows what they’re doing. This will ensure you get the deck design you want. Then, determine how much value you’ll get and whether the deck is maintenance-free or requires routine care.

Home Resale Values Compared Based on the Deck Material Used

Ultimately, the biggest factor in determining how much value you can get for your home after a deck remodeling project is the deck material you choose. In the United States, the two most common options are primarily wood and composite decking. Let’s learn more about them now!

Composite Decks

Generally, composite decking is higher quality than wood, so it’s more expensive. Usually, composite decks cost about $17,000 to complete, but a similarly-sized wood deck will only be $10,000. That increased price is reflected in the dependable, durable, and timeless nature of this material.

You may not know this, but composite decks are the fastest-growing option in the deck industry because they work like no other. Composite deck styles are impervious to rain, extreme temperatures, wind, and inclement weather. You don’t have to clean it as often to keep it looking like new. Therefore, you can avoid the commitment and headache of frequent maintenance!

Composite decks are great for homeowners wanting a deck to enjoy for many years to come. Then, when it’s time to sell, they get the added value. Choose composite decking if you don’t wish to sell the home within the next year.

composite deck

Wood Decks

Wood decks provide you with the best return on investment in terms of home resale value. It’s a more affordable material, so you will spend less on the deck project and still add value to your property compared to installing a composite deck.

However, wood decks just aren’t as durable to temperature and weather fluctuations as composite decks. Therefore, wood decks will require more in maintenance costs to retain their value and quality over time.

Here in Austin, TX, wood is a great choice. A wooden deck adds retail value, especially if you plan to sell right away. However, you are still likely to get a higher bid if you complete the renovation project to enjoy yourself before selling.

Types of Decks Available

There are many types and styles of decks; the one you choose depends on the size of your space. Though the deck adds value, you don’t want it to overpower the rest of the home. Here are the options available:

  • Multi-level deck
  • Detached or island deck
  • Side-yard deck
  • Wraparound deck
  • Attached deck
  • Swimming pool deck

bare wooden deck

Use Furniture and Accents to Spice Up the Deck

It’s wise to spruce up your outdoor living space with accents and furniture. Here are a few ideas to help you:

Deck Furniture

Decorating the deck with an inviting and unique style will help when home buyers tour your space at an open house. The new deck material comes to life when you add outdoor furniture that’s comfortable and stylish.

Most people have trouble envisioning things for their outdoor spaces. Therefore, keep it contemporary while focusing on casual comfort. This will help home buyers and guests feel relaxed.

Consider things like plush seats, end tables made of wood, and long sofas. Just ensure that the materials used are suitable for outdoor lifestyles.

Accessories for a Wood Deck

The details are what brings a deck to life. Therefore, you need carefully curated deck accessories that offer vibrancy and excitement. This will boost the resale value of the home. Consider these options:


assorted flowering plants in brown plastic pots

Arrange grasses, blooming perennials, and flowers into a natural privacy wall with planters. This will prevent the neighbors from viewing your outdoor space. Plus, it infuses the area with vitality. Make sure to use matching colors, but don’t feel like everything has to be the same!


Umbrellas offer shade during the hot summer months. However, they can also liven up the deck design and give you focal points for the furniture arrangements. If you want a defined entryway, put standing umbrellas on each side of the deck staircase!

Let Austin Fence & Deck Builders Help You Create Your Dream Deck

Are you ready to experience the beauty of a new deck? Will a deck add value to the home? In most cases, the answer is yes! Austin Fence & Deck Builders can help you transform your space with wood decks. Please request your free quote today!

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