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The Benefits of a Privacy Fence

Privacy fenceAdding a fence to your home is a quick and easy way to add style and value to your property. When deciding on your fence options, you may find that a privacy fence is the best option for your home. Privacy fences offer a number of benefits – the most obvious is blocking the sight lines directly into your yard. However, you may be surprised to learn that they offer a number of additional benefits.

Noise Reduction

Privacy fences, especially those constructed of quality, solid wood, help block noise. If your home is situated near a busy street, entertainment district, or near train tracks, you may find that a privacy fence helps to limit the sound reaching your home.

Wind Reduction

A solid privacy fence can help keep strong winds from sweeping across your yard. If you live in an area that has significant windy days, then a privacy fence can help protect your patio furniture and sensitive plants from wind.

Pet Protection

A privacy fence can help to keep your pets safe and away from the busy street.

Establishing Property Boundaries

A wonderful benefit of privacy fences it that they clearly help to demarcate your property lines. Once your fence is in place, there will be no question about what is or is not your property.


Privacy fences add significant value to your home and property. At Austin Fence and Deck, we offer a number of fencing options and styles to help beautify and add value to your fence and home.

Contact a friendly team member at Austin Fence and Deck and let us help you determine if a privacy fence is right for your home. We can discuss your options from materials to gate placement and help you get the right fence for your home.