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Austin Aquarium

Home to the many species and spectacular must-see exhibits like touch tanks and coral displays, the Austin Aquarium provides guests and visitors with an engaging, hands-on science experience regardless of age. To save time at the entrance, however, you must get your admission tickets online ahead of time.

The Austin Aquarium is a for-revenue aquarium situated in Austin, Texas, that opens its gate on December 12, 2013, and takes account of fish, birds, and other amphibians. This is owned and managed by Cristy Covino, the spouse of Ammon Covino, a former aquarium owner.

Austin Aquarium Overview

Austin Aquarium offers kids and families access to the fun, thrill, and excitement as well as learning opportunities of the sea without the long and tiring journey to the shore. Visitors can look at jellyfish float and glow, be in awe of the colorful and bright corals, feel the soft ray right on their fingertips, and mingle and interact with reptiles and tropical birds, all within easy reach of their home. Click the Following Post

Aside from various species of animals, Austin Aquarium also provides multiple educational programs and events for children. Some of the most popular activities take into account birthday parties, feeding animals, private events, morning rounds, and sleeping with the sharks.

This is one of the best aquariums in Texas that welcomes everyone for an interactive experience. See to believe as they connect families and children to our planet, which ranges from the deserts and rainforest to the rare species of the sea. A lot of guests enjoy feeding sharks, stingrays, reptiles, and birds. Learn about and interact with snakes, crocodiles, and iguanas, or even take a selfie with the exotic big-breed birds, which are very Instagrammable.

The Austin Aquarium also opens the eyes of discovery in a very family-friendly setting, which makes fun things to see and do in Austin. They offer guests access to the enthusiasm, thrill, and learning of the earth without a long journey to the sea. Admire seahorses playing, witness jellyfish gently glow and float, or the Giant Pacific Octopus that visitors can feed crawfish. This aquarium provides multiple educational activities and programs for everyone in the area. Popular activities take account of the Morning Rounds for wannabe aquarists or those who only love animals. You can also schedule an event at the venue as well as share the affection and adoration with your loved ones and friends.

Austin Aquarium History

Brothers Vince and Ammon Covino established the Austin Aquarium. There was debate and argument resulting in its opening based on their background in other regions. The brothers were issued a quotation in July 2013 from the city for keeping animals at the place without consent. The animal rights group PETA called for the Austin Aquarium to receive a comprehensive inspection.

What to Expect at Austin Aquarium

Hundreds and Thousands of Species to Witness

Amongst the exhibits in the Austin Aquarium are massive arrays of amphibians, a secluded dove aviary, an interactive parakeet, and an array of cold water and tropical fish. What is more, Austin Aquarium features a stingray touch tank, sharks, a rain forest with many reptiles, the Ring Tail Lemurs, and Capybaral, the latest additions to the family.

Watch Lemurs

Austin Aquarium is the only facility in the United States where guests can interact with lemurs. The Red Ruffed and furry ring-tailed lemurs are extremely curious and playful. At this point, there are more than 14 lemurs in this aquarium.

How to Get to Austin Aquarium

You can find this aquarium about 32 kilometers or 20 miles north of the business district of Austin. Public transport options are limited; therefore, the best way to reach this facility is by car. You can take the US-183 highway and then exit toward Anderson Mill Road. Austin Aquarium lies only ahead. This article

Things to Know Before Visiting Austin Aquarium

  • This aquarium is an ideal rainy-day location
  • Foster children and educators enjoy free admission to the Austin Aquarium.
  • For a party or special event, book a princess makeover, or you can drop by one of the animals in the aquarium.

When to Visit Austin Aquarium

Austin Aquarium is open from Sunday to Thursday from 10 in the morning to 7 in the evening and Friday to Saturday from 10 in the morning to 8 in the evening. To avoid the crowd, go early in the week or on weekends before lunchtime since this place is crowded on weekend afternoons.

Take Part in Morning Rounds

Wannabe scientists can join in Morning Rounds, where visitors follow the husbandry workers as they check on the animals and ensure the facility is working correctly. Even if the event is for children over eight, guardians love the opportunity to learn how the facility works, from animal food preparation and filtration system. 

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